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bill Sutton
20-05-2015, 10:42
You should be able to enter garage to modify your setup just up to race or even whilst in practice.

Lets take race solo ....you enter there and have a screen where you can change tracks, cars, race laps/weather etc but not one for into garage ( oh yes, there is a backdoor, you go into change cars and there is a little orange button for my garage or whatever its called, The things is they have a nice bland square area on bottom left where a link to garage would be just so easy and you would end up with 6 tiles . Its things like this that should have been done before final release to help give it a polished finish

20-05-2015, 11:22
Öhm? What do you mean?
You can change your setup while in practice or qualy.
Just enter the menu with escape and then there is a button like change setup or something like that.

P.S. there is another way too if you are still in the menu:
there is a button on the top right with 3 lines in it click it and you get a dropdown where you can go into your garage.

bill Sutton
20-05-2015, 11:43
thats nice to know :-)

have not seen that button and I have looked........will have a longer and better look

bill Sutton
20-05-2015, 23:57
cany locate the 3 lines button and once I press escape its not there but once I select return to pit box i get the option for fine tune....would have been simpler to call it the garge