View Full Version : Realistic live timing screens showing purple and green sectors etc.

20-05-2015, 11:46
It'd add to the authenticity of Project CARS if the live timing screens in places such as the pit box monitor were to display information similar to tsl-timing.com for example (see image).

It would have 'purple sectors' to highlight the driver setting the best overall sector, and 'green sectors' to highlight a driver's personal best sector.

Agree? ;)


Max Kelly
21-05-2015, 06:25

21-05-2015, 16:39
Yes. I can't even see who got the best lap! Then if that was possible would we be able to read it from the comfort of an arm chair at a recommended distance, after all the game comes with epileptic seizure warnings! Time analysis is a must have. I like the online layout, the intervals, quick load times, pit lane travel, all welcomed.