View Full Version : Issues I've Noticed

20-05-2015, 12:14
Sorry Can't for the life of me find that How to report issues thread anywhere so I'll go right ahead and get it off my chest now.

Having problems where one minute I'll have rumble in there brake trigger and the next it's gone.

I have noticed that my car slowly acquires a layer of dirt, but none of the others do.

The spectators at BRNO circuit are all wearing the same colour T-shirt.

The cockpit i.e. the rear passenger view for the Clio is over exposed.

I've notice that when in a GT3 car and viewing in rear passenger(cockpit) view the gearbox sound is nowhere near the volume that it is in real life.

But here's my most anything thing about the game: Ginetta racing just like GT and Endurance are multi class so a Ginetta race with feature all three classes and as most of you will know, a Le Mans race will feature LMP1, 2, GT3 and 4. I have found when selecting a GT3 car that it includes the old BMW turbo or Capri. I want to be able to select a Le Mans race with just the correct classes.