View Full Version : PS4 technical error - "You have been disconnected from playstation network..."

20-05-2015, 12:25
I've been getting an issue on PS4.

This only happens with time trials and driver network events - once loaded and in the car, I immediately get the message, "You have been disconnected from playstation network. You are now being returned to race central."

I have to press X for OK and it then kicks me back to the title screen.

This only started a few days ago - I was able to set several times on the leaderboard in the first few days I played the game. Now it is doing this every time.

I can play online fine. The game seems to be connected to PSN all other times - including on the menu straight after I've been kicked back to it.

I thought it might be a transient network issue on my side and that it would go away but it has been several days now. Tried the old turn everything off and on again trick - no luck yet. Really miss time trials! :sorrow:

Anyone else get this error?

Khyber GT
20-05-2015, 13:54
go to the ps4 tech section

20-05-2015, 14:53
Yes, oops. Sorry I hadn't seen that section.

Can this be moved by an admin?

Update: Although said I had tried turning everything off, I must have only reset the PS4. I tried turning it off completely and I can now get back into time trials. Hurray!