View Full Version : [Formula B] Tyres available for PIT STOP are different than when you are TUNING

20-05-2015, 13:12

I noticed something weird while playing career mode Formula B.
Before practice/qualify/race, you can tune your car. The available tyres are:

- "Pirelli" Slick
- "Yokohama" Slick
- Intermediate, wet and full wet.

There are just those two kind of slicks to choose from, and there is no info whether they are soft, medium or hard compounds.
During the race, when you are about to go to the pit stop, you can select what kind of tyres you want to put on. The available tyres are:

- Soft
- Medium
- Hard
- Intermediate, wet....

As you can see, now you have three different kinds of slick tyres to choose from.

Initially i was instinctively choosing SOFT tyres, because i thought those were just like the slicks i was using when the race started. But the difference in performance was huge, i couldn't get those soft tyres to grip with my car settings.
So eventually i tried to put on HARD tyres, and then the performance was pretty much like the tyres i was using when the race started.
It turns out that Formula B slick tyres, are seemingly hard compound tyres.

Tyres available at pit stop are different than the tyres available when tuning your car.
The "hard" tyre that you can choose during the pit stop, is seemingly just like the "slick" tyre you can choose when tuning Formula B.

I figure that the tyres you can choose when doing a Pit Stop are representative of all available tyres in the game. Since you can re-use pit stop strategies in different classes (which have different available tyres). If the game could indicate when tuning your car what kind of compound exactly you are using (like, Farelli Slick Hard), then this would be easier to deal with.

20-05-2015, 15:19
It's a known problem... ;)