View Full Version : 125 kart - Can't get force any feedback

20-05-2015, 13:29
Hi all.

Am currently struggling with the FFB settings on a T500 for the 125 kart. I've been racing and loving the Formula Gulf 1000 and have tweeked the FFB to have great effect and feel but have just tried the kart and I can't get any sense of weight or contact with the road at all at any speed, the thing just almost floats around. I have plugged in the widely circulated Jake Spades settings (which provided a good base for the Gulf 1000) but on this they have no effect. As the kart is leaving the pit lane on auto control there is significant weight in the wheel but as soon as it goes manual its like its on air.

If you've driven karts of any type (as I'm sure many of you will have) you know how heavy the direct steering is especially at low speeds so I'm sure I doing something wrong. Anyone got a suggestion?