View Full Version : Need a tune for my Lancer

20-05-2015, 13:37
Need to get a good basic tune for the Mitsubishi Lancer so I can take her on line and at least compete within a few seconds of the rest of the pack HELP

20-05-2015, 13:46
I don't have my settings handy but in general that car comes really soft. Stiffen it up as much as you can bump up the tire a pressures a few psi. Then tune out any unwanted under/oversteer. The brakes are horrible so still a work in progress for me. Driving technique is also paramount - the turbo lags like crazy: this means dropping down a gear when you normally wouldn't expect to in order to keep the turbo spooled.

21-05-2015, 01:24
Has any one made a tuning calculator for PCARS !!!