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20-05-2015, 14:17
First of all I am really loving this game. Though it was hard to learn to use the controller, and I almost went to buy a wheel, once I got the hang of it I realized to me how intuitive it really was. Most racing games it is simply left or right where as I felt that I had more control with Project Cars as if it were a real steering wheel. I know I am probably going to be considered crazy for saying it but hey I like using the controller.

Umer Ahmad
20-05-2015, 14:24
you are a liar and fanboi!

jk, that's good to hear. Any changes you made that really helped you? Maybe share some information here for the other guys still having trouble.

20-05-2015, 14:30
Actually I didn't make any adjustments to the controller settings. However I did turn on Steering Assist. The rest of the adjustments were me just being more careful on how I moved the analog stick until it became normal for me to steer that way.