View Full Version : Controller Pit Sound through main audio output

20-05-2015, 16:23
I have an issue with the Controller Pit Sound on the PS4. I have a gaming headset which is set to allow chat and a further lead goes in to the TV output for the game sounds. This is great because I can kill the sound of all the people who leave their mic open when you're trying to race. However, I now have the sound of the pit radio coming through the speak on the controller, which people sat near to where I'm playing find most annoying. My only option it seems is to turn off the controller sound for this game.

Is there any plans to enable a feature to play pit sounds through the main audio output?

Apart from that, it's a great game.

Max Kelly
21-05-2015, 06:31
Know issue

29-05-2015, 00:31
Also, an option on config to suppress all chat audio would be great to who (like me) don't want to have a headset plugged in ;)