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20-05-2015, 16:28
Simple question here: Does the steering sensitivity option have any effect when using a wheel?

I understand it this way: Steering sensitivity has a progressive effect on how much the tires will turn in based on the input. So smashing the analog stick to the left will turn the wheels 100% left when standing still and less and less the faster you go. This is my assumption. If so, I hope it will have no effect when using a wheel. But I'm not sure if it really works like this.

I don't have any problems using the wheel. Just trying to understand all the settings :)

20-05-2015, 18:17
Yes, it does have an effect when using the wheel. The higher the sensitivity, the more the wheels turn during the first degrees of turning the steering wheel. With lower sensitivity, the first degrees of steering have less effect on the car's wheels. In other words: high sensitivity leads to a negative exponential steering curve, low leads to exponential steering curve.

Edit: My mistake. The gradual effect you're talking about with steering getting less sensitive at higher speeds is called "speed sensitivity", I believe. I'm not using that setting, but judging by the behavior of other options I'm assuming it will influence both wheels and controllers.

20-05-2015, 18:45
Alright. That is new to me. All I want is the wheel to behave exactly the same as "the wheel" in the game. I mean if I turn it 30, I want it to turn 30 in game. Regardless of velocity. So is there a way to disable "digital" adjustments of my steering input?

20-05-2015, 18:55
I have this problem, when I turn my wheel the cockpit view shows less angle. What setting have I set wrong?

21-05-2015, 07:40
@dwalldorf: There's three settings to play with: two hardware settings found in the general settings section for the interface between the real life wheel and the game, and one car tuning setting.

- Speed sensitivity (hardware setting): steering becomes gradually less sensitive at higher speeds. You'd want this disabled to have your steering as linear as possible.
- Steering sensitivity (hardware setting): the input zone where your wheel is most responsive, thus does most of the steering, with high setting leading to a negative exponential curve, and low setting leading to an exponential curve. With a setting somewhere in the middle you should have a more or less straight curve.
- Steering ratio (tuning setting): this setting doesn't affect the shape of the curve, but merely changes its inclination. Meaning you'll have to do more or less real life steering to turn the in-game wheels, depending on the slider position.

Note that having your steering fully linear sounds logical but might in fact make things more difficult. Your whole range of steering input will have the same effect on the game, and making subtle steering adjustments when driving in a straight line will become harder.

@Fre.Mo: Make sure to calibrate your wheel through the game settings. If the problem persists I'd gamble on steering sensitivity.

25-04-2016, 17:35
Picking up this thread as i can't find any settings that feels natural as driving a real car. I feel that my cars are too responsive in the steering regardless of what speed i'm traveling at. The car react just as fast with fast steering right to left in 200 km/h than in 50 km/h and for me that is not very realistic. I don't find this in other games like R3E or Assetto Corsa. I mean, i want to feel that i'm actually driving a car that weighs a ton or more.

What settings should i have with a T500RS-wheel to be as close to the reality as possible? I'm using Jack Spades FFB-settings if that helps.