View Full Version : Shifting speed of manual gear box

20-05-2015, 16:36
Hey guys, I have a question on the shifting speed of cars like the BMW 320 Gr.5. I have a T300 and can only shift using the pedal shifters on the wheel. I don't have a shifter add-on or even a clutch pedal. When driving the BMW for example, the shifting is quite slow. Kind of how you shift when driving in the city. Much slower than you would on a race track.

But I did notice videos on youtube where people with clutch pedal and gearbox shift in this exact car and of course, the game shifts as fast you shift, using your hardware. Much quicker.

So my question is: Is it supposed to be like that? Is it supposed to handicap people without manual gearbox-setup / reward people who invest in it? Is there a setting to change it?

I wouldn't mind if it was like 50ms slower than the max shifting speed you could achieve with clutch pedal and gearbox. But this is much slower than reality and seems to be a real disadvantage in a race.

20-05-2015, 18:06
Having the same issue, I second this question.

20-05-2015, 21:35
The shifting is definitely slow, especially noticeable when downshifting when you want to skip a gear.. Also, when putting the car into reverse gear, or back into first, you have to come to a complete stop before being able to shift.. This is actually quite time-consuming and annoying.. Should be able to shift where we want when we want.