View Full Version : Everything is Locked!

20-05-2015, 17:42
Ok, I must have done something wrong here, but I've brought the physical game, slapped it in and I've got one car and one track to choose from.

I can't access campaign or multiplayer and even the manual in the options is locked from use. How on earth do I get around this?

20-05-2015, 17:44
What I done was let the game sit for a while, everything became unlocked after a while (the game is probably still installing). Run a few laps in the mode that isnt locked.

20-05-2015, 17:48
Did you wait until the game was finished installing?

Oi Oi JC
20-05-2015, 17:49
Wait for the game to fully install.......

20-05-2015, 17:51
I would but there is absolutely no indication that its actually installing. Usually the system tells you that its installing you. I'll see how it goes.

20-05-2015, 18:05
Try searching instead of starting a new thread on something that's been discussed since release. The game installs in the background. U get 1 car and 1 track so u can mess around a little while the game fully downloads . U would've known this if u searched

20-05-2015, 18:08
You were quite right. All sorted now, just needed to let the update sort itself out before trying to play.

Thanks all