View Full Version : Tyre Wear Physics / Weather Changes (Strange)

20-05-2015, 19:59
I've noticed this a number of times now, when the weather starts to rain you can normally get in about 1 lap from rain start to it being heavy before your sliding all over. Now you dive into pit, puts on either inters or wets and continue your drive. The rain stops a few laps later and almost immediately after the rain drops stop, the steering becomes all messed up. This appears to be a sudden change in physics which is unreal, the track would still be very wet after a major down poor.

I tested this further, I set weather to Clear / Heavy Rain / Clear. I drove on slicks in GT3 class, when the rain came shore enough I was gradually reduced to slides which I expect, this time I stayed on slicks and didn't pit, I waited for the rain to clear. Immediately after the rain drops stopped I had practically full grip. There was no time necessary needed for the track to dry out, it was almost instant, even though visual puddles was still there I had full grip as if the track instantly dryed magically after the rain stopped.

This second test tells me that after rain the physics engine is wrong or too strong of a change and not factoring in a slow track drying time. Cars clear water as they drive around the track, water doesn't just evaporate in seconds after a major down poor. This is game/immersion breaking to me as realistically you want to change to wets/inters but what's the point as people who stay on slicks gain the advantage the minute it stops