View Full Version : Game just ends (Dashboard) !!!

20-05-2015, 20:25
Hi all,
i noticed it a few days ago the first time. . . it now happens all the time ... while i am playing at once the game close down to the dashboard!!!!????:mad::mad::mad::mad:

i have noticed that all the problems (fps drops ,sound bugs etc.) get more frequently and at the end the game just close down :culpability::culpability::culpability::culpability:

what can i do about it?????? .....all happened after about 2 hours....there is already a solution???????


Im Sorry
20-05-2015, 20:29
I did a hard reset.That solved mine!

20-05-2015, 20:34
that's the standard I'm doing every time a hard reset... it happens all the time the same

Im Sorry
20-05-2015, 20:37
You could try a fresh install.Apart from that I'm all out of idea's sorry.

20-05-2015, 20:51
no problem ... i will try it .... but the question is ...will i have still my saved game datas.... i dont want the career mode from the beginning :culpability:

20-05-2015, 21:18
Try clearing out persistent storage in the blue ray area in xbox's settings. Then go to network, advanced and delete the alternate MAC address. Its possibly a long shot, but every time I have real problems like crashes or distorted audio and stuff this works. And it's not just for disc games, it fixes things for DLC as well.

And this was from talking to tech support so this is Microsoft's fix, not something that I made up.

Srt8 300c
20-05-2015, 21:23
Not sure if its a microsoft problem it used to happen every night on Forza 5.... Not so much Horizon 2,
Its less common on this game. Perhaps once every three nights, thats after a hard reset.
If it was only this game id be dissapointed, but by Xbox 1 standards unfortunatley ( and frustratingly ) its something ive become used to.

20-05-2015, 21:25
ok thx i will try it

20-05-2015, 21:36
i wish also it would be easier sometimes on some things..... but head up ...don`t give up hope easily....

22-05-2015, 16:59
Hi all,
just let you to know
..... i`m clearing out persistent storage
...........I delete the alternate MAC address
.........i do a fresh install
........ but still the same!!!!!
....after i did all i go to career mode .....i drive out from the Box and before i can get on the track the game crashes and the game close down to the dashboard !!! WTF!!???
......what is the reason???????????????????????????????????

22-05-2015, 17:18
When you do a hard reset try unplugging the power cord for a minute or so once its completely shutdown.

22-05-2015, 17:40
OK THX....We'll find out !!! ...we can do it !!!!