View Full Version : Any leagues for PS4 ?

21-05-2015, 00:02
Hi guys,

just wondering if there are any league's that i can join,this will be my first time in a league as i can actually see me playing this for a good while, i am an average-good driver, and would like to join something where i can play regularly instead of random races. hope this makes sence.

21-05-2015, 00:08
I'm going to set up a championship thread tomorrow (With leaderboards, weekly races, rules etc.)
If you're interested, you can add me on PSN and l'll let you know once l posted it.
PSN ID in my signature.

See you on track. :)

21-05-2015, 00:22
great, will do

21-05-2015, 17:44
Here's the new Championship thread :)


21-05-2015, 19:56
STA - SeeTheAir.com has been racing online for over 4 years (Since 2011). Drivers from all over, mostly US/ Canada. Very structured, all clean, and mic'd too. Check us out at SeeTheAir.com (http://www.seetheair.com)

Also have a posted thread for the league HERE (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?26923-SeeTheAir-com-Racing-League-(over-4-yrs-of-organized-racing)). Ask questions and add your name to our list. Over 30 drivers (Not all on pCARS)

21-05-2015, 20:03
Apex Stalkers is another option. Community was founded in 2013 and now about 40 players have made the move to Project CARS. Have a look at apexstalkers.tk (http://www.apexstalkers.tk) for more info.

25-05-2015, 13:37
www.VRroom.org is a website for intermediate - expert and is currently holding induction nights on a Mon, Wed and Fridays but please be aware that they are very particular in this vetting process. By far th best and most organized website i've come across.