View Full Version : BMW Z4 GT3 Laguna advice

21-05-2015, 00:21
I need some tuning advice. Been trying to setup the Z4 for Laguna Seca but can't make it much better than the standard setup, I can get very high 1:23's. Been following advice in the tuning threads, making an adjustment and then doing a few laps. I would have thought just adjusting the final drive could make a small improvement.

21-05-2015, 01:09
Laguna is very much a momentum track.

Looking at the boards, the fastest default tune time (on PC) is a 22.8.

Maybe revert back to defaults and start with getting your braking balanced so you can push harder into the turns.

Then worry about what is happen on entry/mid/exit that way you can push in the faster turns without losing the car.

21-05-2015, 01:35
for Laguna you need a short gear ratio and soft sway bars, front DF lesser DF rear, if those are changeable in the
GT3 cars

22-05-2015, 12:06
Thanks for the advice. I'll post if I do manage to improve.

31-05-2015, 22:57
Adjusted tire pressures mostly lower, final drive lower, front roll bar softer, brakes, accel lock up and fuel. My time is now 1:23.2. On ps4 gt3 time trial there is a 1:22.9 in a mc12 which is the fastest to date. I think tuning on this game is tough as the cars are fairly well setup to start with.

My front right tire goes red for part of the lap and I kept raising the pressure but it would not keep a good temp. It's at 2.3 bar. My other tires are as low as 1.7 bar. Not sure if I should lower the car or raise it as it does scrape now and then.

I need a telemetry app so I can look at figures after a lap not during