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21-05-2015, 03:53
Is it just my Xbox One or is anyone else not getting tire squealing? I have true to turn every volume control down except SFX and can sit and do silent donuts. No squealing what so ever. I think this, and controller bugs, contribute to the car not feeling well grounded. If tire sounds are tied to the engine slider then they need to be rebalanced because you can he's absolutely nothing over the blasting engine noise.

29-05-2015, 20:02
There is no tire squealing noise on PS4 or PC. It's a big bug in PCars. Hopefully fix is coming soon.

29-05-2015, 21:11
This is no bug, in real live there is no tire squealing with a race car on slicks. And believe me, i go to live races for more than 40 years.
Only normal road tires have tire squeal.

01-06-2015, 00:45
How about when you burn out or cars sliding which leaves rubber marking on the ground? Shouldn't it make noisem


Umer Ahmad
01-06-2015, 01:04
Definitely i hear tyre squeling/scrubbing on the PC version,, RUF GT3 soft slicks. It's not a dominating arcade Crusin USA, it's driven by the physics.

BUT there are zero tyre sounds in REPLAYS and thats because the game does not reload the tyre model for replays (that would make replay files much larger)

15-09-2015, 18:15
does anybody know when WMD will fix the tire squealing noise? it's missing from game. I know I can hear it but it's so faint. Missing tire squealing/skidding noise it's hard to know when the start losing control this make the car feels like you are diving on butter. Hopefully WMD fix it soon.


Will this issue be fixed in the near future?


15-09-2015, 18:57
I hear tire scrubbing just fine. However it's probably better to go off of feel. When I feel the tire scrubbing, I know I'm pretty close to or right on the limit.

15-09-2015, 23:55
Feel doesn't help on an approved alternate controller such as a Spider wheel. Yes, I know, lack of FFB was my choice in purchasing the that wheel. Even still, there is way too little tire sound, and no way to increase or adjust that sound even with a third-party equalizer (which is very surprising). Saying this is sim doesn't fly as an excuse either because there are sound adjustment modifiers for engine noise and for track effects. What tire noise there is is either not tied to either of those adjustablre tracks, or is so low relative to the other sounds being played that they do not scale appropriately.

In my case, and that of others with a non-FFB wheel, the ability to use alternative sensory inputs such as sound and sight are what we have to work with. The lack of adjustable sound when other adjustments are offered negates our ability to use that as a sensory input, and gives a very real disadvantage over those using controller rumble or FFB.