View Full Version : Bug in HUD display in career mode

21-05-2015, 08:34
In career mode when racing the karts at the start of a race the Hud indicates my kart is in first gear. So when I try to take off the kart only revs and I have to set it in gear myself, the HUD indication does not change.
Then if I restart the session the HUD indicates that the kart is in neutral.

This happend to me on several tracks


Yesterday I started a race and the HUD indicated that I was in fourth gear while I was in neutral

21-05-2015, 11:25
The gear indicator is also messed up in multiplayer. When the game abruptly ends your qualifying session, in the middle of a lap mind you, whatever gear you were in is then incorrectly indicated when you're waiting for the green lights on the starting grid. It causes confusion, especially to newer players, because you think your car is about to start a race, for instance, in 3rd gear when it's actually in 1st. Just another thing that needs fixing. :rolleyes: