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21-05-2015, 08:40
Have AMD released new optimized drivers yet for Project Cars. Have HD6800



Mark Bevan
21-05-2015, 08:42
Not yet, but they will be: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/The-Witcher3.aspx

AMD GPU users who aren't using crossfire, have slightly better performance with the old 14.12 drivers, than any of the more recent drivers.

21-05-2015, 09:26
Interesting statement, so that leak of the 15.5 beta was deliberate to test the response, and they've gone back to the drawing board:) as it was awful! Unless they get to within 5% of the Nvidia performance I for one will be giving up on AMD and selling my 290x to get a second 970.