View Full Version : Pit stop why would I want to change 4 tyres individually???

21-05-2015, 09:00
Not seen this on the forums yet but why on earth are the tyres pre race set as select tyre type for all 4 wheels but in pit strategy I can put, wets on front left, inters on front right, soft on rear left and hard on rear right.

Comon guys this is just silly, pit strategy could be simplified and be more realistic to just have to say which tyres you want not having to declare each tyre individually.

Also tyre pressures don't match, if I put softs on pre race and tyre pressure is different when i edit pit strategy to change to a new set of softs. What is that all about? It's not like they are just different the max / min pressure is different even though it's the same tyre compound.

The fact that pit stops are missing the driver animations which I believe is confirmed to be coming in a future patch, it just sounds like the entire pit setup was rushed out the door, with very little testing.

Max Kelly
21-05-2015, 12:56
some series in the game does not have the same limits as in real life.
But I agree, could be simplified.