View Full Version : Reproducable Crash on PS4 with GT2 Wheel

21-05-2015, 13:40
Not sure where to report bugs, so I am posting this here. I have crashed multiple times when powering my Fanatech GT2 wheel on and off while in an online race. This happened to me three times in a 3 hour session last night. My wheel would become unresponsive (low throttle response and brake response) during a race, so I would pull over to the side of the track and attempt to reset the wheel. Here are the steps that I had taken when I crashed each time.

1. Turn on the PS4 with a controller with a headset plugged in.
2. Start the Project Cars application.
3. Proceed to the Title Screen.
4. Power on the Fanatec GT2 wheel and allow it to calibrate.
5. Hold the "Back" Button on the wheel for ~1 second to put it into PC Mode.
6. Once in PC Mode, use the wheel to navigate to any online race.
7. Race for awhile (happened in Qualifying and in a Race).
8. After a period of racing, stop the car somewhere while others are still racing.
9. Press the "Power" Button on the right side of the base on the Fanatec GT2 wheel to turn the wheel off.
10. Wait ~10 seconds then press the "Power" Button on the wheel and let it calibrate again.
11. Hold the "Back" Button for ~1 second to enter PC mode again.
12. Notice at this point the game will encounter a fatal error.

Note: Even if this doesn't crash the game, all controller input from the wheel and from the controller are broken. So it's a pretty gnarly bug either way.

Note: There may be an easier way to reproduce this, I didn't really test it out more than a few times (I don't feel like working at home ;)). However, the 3 times I hit this crash these were the exact steps I took.

21-05-2015, 15:37
Is a dev going to see this here? A little acknowledgement of this would be nice so I know it might get fixed.

21-05-2015, 17:53
May i ask why one would want to power down its wheel in the middle of playing?
I'm all for robust software but that seems like a very unlikely scenario so i wouldn't expect too much.

21-05-2015, 18:22
I stated in my original post. The wheel became very unresponsive for some reason. The throttle was so unresponsive it wouldn't even get to the redline in second gear. What's the universal solution to solving a hardware problem? Turn it off and on again! If your wheel needs a reset it makes sense that you should be able to do it without resetting your PS4.