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21-05-2015, 13:52

Is there a thread for car control.

I Need help. I drive with everything switched off, including abs. Sometimes when I go into a corner that's also a turn I loose the back end, I turn into it but it just keeps going. Why can't I brake and turn, I know I'm hitting the brakes to hard. But if i take more time and slow down further before the corner, I'm no longer competitive. How do racing drivers keep there times down, and car under control.

It's so annoying project cars is a really good sim, I was hoping for some instruction I'm game. Like having to work your way up through racing licences

21-05-2015, 14:01
Which cars? Which track?

Set your assists to "Real" instead to "Off".

Btw. it's much more important to be early on the gas than to be late on the brakes.

21-05-2015, 14:09
Caterham super seven mostly. All tracks that have long sweeping corners that end suddenly, can't remember what track I was on. But the final corners where one long right hand that you could build speed up, and a sudden left 90. Every time I press the brakes, I loose the backend, because the nose digs in with the weight transfer and around I go. How do I brake and turn.

Thanks for the tip though, but if I concentrate on good drive, do I not just get mugged under braking? I love the game by the way, i love the fact I control my destiny with the my left and right feet. now all I need is knowledge.

What's the real setting?

21-05-2015, 14:20
In the Caterham you can't just hop off the throttle and go through fast corners. Easy off the throttle (not to fast in) and stabilize with a tiny amount of throttle through the corner.

Not a sim, eh? ;)

21-05-2015, 14:22
That must be Snetterton that you're talking about, for which I can give you a few pointers (disclaimer: I'm no expert):

1: try to straighten the car out before braking, you can do this by taking the long sweeping righthander on the outside, then letting of the gas to cut in right before the lefthander, at this point you should be able to straighten out and start braking (the ai follows this line roughly, but cuts in far more than i do myself. you can try following them to get a feeling of this line)
2: in my experience the ai is actually quite cautious around this initial righthander, this is one of those corners where you can start braking early and slowly without losing positions. As Baeldor pointed out, you gain more by making sure your car is stable getting out of the lefthander than diving into it at full throttle
3: keep a slight bit of throttle on whilst braking, in my experience this is a good help to keep the rear under control
4: in the car's setup, there's a few things you can do: move the brake balance forwards, increase the deceleration differential lock, soften the rear sway bar. for more detailed pointers you should check the setup forum. (be aware though that car setup cannot replace wrong inputs)

I hope these pointers will help you :)

21-05-2015, 15:26
So does that go for all rear drives a little throttle as you break, thanks for the tips guys.