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21-05-2015, 14:31
Greetings Programs:

SeeTheAir.com (http://www.seetheair.com) has been an organized online racing league for more than 4 years. With well over 200 sanctioned races with more than 100 registered drivers and an active list that spans from Australia to the mainland US and over through England and into Europe and Africa, SeeTheAir.com has brought International racing to the homes of ever member.

STA (SeeTheAir.com (http://www.seetheair.com)) is now recruiting clean, mic'd, and good drivers for the next step in it's racing organization. Project Cars has put down a foundation on PS4 that will bring exciting racing for every event that will be scheduled. We are looking to possible start with a GT3 series as well as a Kart, and a ROLEX style LMP/GT3 combination series.

Please visit us at SeeTheAir.com (http://www.seetheair.com). Look over our vast website to see where you can fit in. We have a secured forums for members only, individual driver pages so you can track your progress in the league, and fully updated schedules and standings for all the series available. Our detailed rule book clarifies that we mean business when it comes to racing. This is our poker night in a sense and we want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time racing.

While Project Cars is not our only format we race on, it is fast becoming the place to be with what has been given to us. We encourage all like minded drivers to give us a look over at least once. Visit SeeTheAir.com (http://www.seetheair.com) now, or simply skip to register for the league (http://fs21.formsite.com/platinum/form4/index.html)to gain access to an organized and established racing league. Follow us on Twitter as well. @seetheair (https://twitter.com/seetheair)

Hope to see you on the track soon. Post any questions that you might have. PSN: marimbakat

28-05-2015, 22:54
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