View Full Version : Which gaming wheel?

21-05-2015, 16:33
I am looking at getting a gaming wheel, which are the best to go for under 100 and do any of them work with both xbone and ps4.

I have looked at the Thrustmaster T80 rs racing wheel(ps4) any good for Profect Cars

21-05-2015, 16:39
On Xbox One, the inexpensive option is the Thrustmaster 458 Spider. That will run you $100.

On PS4, the inexpensive option is the Thrustmaster T80. that will run you $100.

Both don't have FFB. It instead uses a bungee cord system. They both perform identical to each other. One is for Xbox & other for PS.

I've got a couple friends who use the Thrustmaster 458 Spider. They love it, even with out FFB. One just got his the other day and he can't get over how Project Cars handles/feels using a wheel. He really likes using a wheel on Project Cars, now that he has one.