View Full Version : Career saved game glitch, season ended halfway with no contract offers?

21-05-2015, 17:47
I've had a bit of a major issue with my career save.

I was currently in the endurance championship, having just finished the EEC before turning off my console in the normal way that would prevent any issues with games corrupting or having any issues. However, next time I booted up my console my save appeared to have reset to season one with no contract offers.

Is this a known glitch or am I just unlucky?


12-06-2015, 22:27
I have a very similar issue to this as well. The pictures show the same thing in my career. I started in Season 1 I did Formula Rookie, Season 2 was GT4, and Season 3 was GT3. Just yesterday I completed Race 2 (of 3 I think). Today I come in and I have nothing.