View Full Version : Californian coast Rd

21-05-2015, 20:53
Has anyone actually bothered to drive this Rd?

Not race but simply take a slow drive? The work that has gone into this game if you actually stop and look around is amazing, even the people and parked up cars look detailed.

Seriously guys if you haven't done this all ready take time out from racing and just pick a place/place's and go for a drive.

Darth Bambi 83
21-05-2015, 21:04
You know what, that's what I'm doing next time. :)

21-05-2015, 21:05
Been around it quickly, it is a nice drive

21-05-2015, 21:10
Just pick an open top motor the slower ford let's say, go to practice mode pick a track and just go for a look around, the ring at night looks fantastic.