View Full Version : Selecting Which Skin on my Car??

21-05-2015, 21:41
As the threads title states, how is this done? I've tried via My Garage (triangle button) then I Select the car and use the directional buttons to scroll through the skins. Once I find a desired skin I hit X and the save icon appears. One would assume this has saved that skin on my car but it doesn't. I guess my question is this, is it possible on the PS4 to select a specific skin or is this just a random feature?

21-05-2015, 21:46
i haven't paid enough attention because i use helmet cam and always "assumed" it was using the livery i had chosen. i started paying attention and can't figure out yet if it even cares which one we choose.

tl:dr i have the same problem. i don't think we can choose.

21-05-2015, 21:48
Ok I'm about to answer my own question, yes its possible, once you hit X to select the skin you press O to exit. You need to press O again at the car selection screen and not X like I had been doing. Hitting X apparently defaults the skin to random pick again. Whew, not another bug just a confusing procedure :)

21-05-2015, 22:23
They really need to simplify the livery selection process.