View Full Version : GT and lmp not mixed @ le mans

21-05-2015, 22:17
Why are LMP and GT cars not mixed during a race at le mans?

Umer Ahmad
21-05-2015, 22:32
Is it career or quick race?

21-05-2015, 22:47
it is for PC and solo race yes. When selecting an LMP1 car to race at la sarthe le mans 24 circuit only LMP2 and LMP1 class appear but not 1 GT Class car.

- I choose 55 cars
- I choose mixed class

Was it supposed to be like this ?


21-05-2015, 23:04
in carrer you'll get lmp1-2 and Gts. In quickrace you'll get every class available.
It is planned in the future to be able to set it like in career