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21-05-2015, 23:00
Dont get me wrong I love this game, there are many many great things about this game which I could go about all night, but.....

What is the point in spending hours tuning a car and doing lap after lap for it not to be recorded anywhere? I know it doesnt save in free practice or career(which it should) but on a time trial I think its imperative that your best lap is saved. I mean ffs thats the point of the time trial! Sorry but I had to put it out there.

21-05-2015, 23:04
no it shouldnt save to time trial leaderboards in practice or career. That would introduce drafting into the times.

If you want to have your times saved, run time trial.

Unless I misunderstand your post meaning you are running time trial but the times arent saving?

21-05-2015, 23:06
I'm not sure if you mean time trial replays not saving, because time trial times certainly do save. I really wish you could save the replay of your fastest time trial lap. Seems like a basic feature that should be in the game.

21-05-2015, 23:07
I don't have a PS4, but the other PS4 users said it can take several minutes (5-10) for the lap times to sync and be visible.

21-05-2015, 23:13
when I say times should save in career or free practice I mean just as a pb for myself to beat saved on my system. But what my real gripe is, is the fact that ive now done several decent time trials where the times havnt saved.

21-05-2015, 23:15
My bad, just found one of my old times on the time trial board. But still, surely should be able to see my pb for each track just for my own referance

21-05-2015, 23:17
Yes it takes abit to update time trials, but your times will show up.