View Full Version : Could someone please clarify the tire wear and pitting for me?

Agent 21
21-05-2015, 23:41
This is starting to confuse me. I've only ever seen the tire icons by the speed/gear indicator on the HUD a light blue or light green color (which as I've stated before is way too close in color, I wish they had more contrasting colors to differentiate) until last night when they turned red. I always assumed blue was cold, green was up to temp, and now I'd assume red is worn or damaged? That seems pretty straightforward, but then I started noticing that on longer races when tire wear was a factor, my tires would go from green back to blue. I only noticed this when I felt the handling change and I glanced over and tires were blue. I didn't get how they could go back to "cold" after 7-8 laps doing 30-120mph, but handling was noticebly worse so I changed them, figured maybe the icon goes back to blue when they're worn. I came out of the pits with green tire icons, but handling still felt very loose for a couple laps (like cold/worn tires) and then tightened up (like warm tires). Then when I was playing last night I started seeing red pop up in races. Once both drivers side ones turned to red after I got bumped and went for a 100mph sideway slide for quite a ways. Another time THREE tires turned red. I pit and change them, but again, I come out with "warm" tires (somehow, as they're fresh so should need warming up) according to my green icons, but handling like they're cold (and thus should be blue) for the first few laps. Also, the red has changed BACK to green on me a few times too. Without putting. They'll be red and I'm still driving and they just go back to green.

All this has me questions if there's a totally different meaning to these colors than I thought? I mean, blue cold, green warm, red worn/damaged is just kinda the norm, so you'd assume that's what it is here too, but worn/damaged tires don't get unworn/undamaged magically while you're still racing them, so red changing to green doesn't make sense, and you don't come out of the pits with warm tires (unless they're on warmers IN the pits, but then why would every practice/qualify sessions start with cold tires?), so coming out green makes no sense?

And as far as pits, just last night is when I started doing longer events to incorporate pits. Does your engineer ever call you in to pit, like a scheduled stop, or is it all up to you to decide when to pit? If it's always up to you to decide when to pit....how the hell are you supposed to know that? Obviously if your tires are worn or fuel is low, but I mean strategy-wise, how do you know when the appropriate lap windows are to pit in relation to the length of the event and the AI's pitting? Say it's a 50 lap event, if the AI is going to need to make X amount of stops for fuel/tires (barring any accidents/damage, just regular pits that you need for tires/gas to make it through the race), obviously you don't wanna make more than you have to. Going by my above explaination of the tire icons, if I see them turn red I pit, thinking they're shot. But the AI NEVER seems to pit. So I start thinking I'm pitting way too soon and just screwing myself cause they're pulling further away from me as I sit in the pit.

I haven't seen anywhere that shows you how many times you should expect to have to pit for the length of the event, because then you could gauge your average tire/fuel consumption. If a 50 lap race said expect 2 stops you could kinda guess that every 15-20 laps you'll need to come in. Having no sort of indication of that makes an effective pitting schedule strategy pretty hard. It's a sim, how come we can't make our strategy before the event too. Like I want to pit this lap and this lap, and then during the race the engineer would radio you stuff like "X amount of laps til pit window", or tell you "pit next lap", then talk you into the pit.

And where's the option for just taking left/right side tires only? Again going back to the tire color indicators, if I have a spin or something and only one side turns red, I should be able to come in and swap just that side out to save time. ESPECIALLY for when the oval track pack come out. 2 vs 4 tires is one of the great strategy moves.

Roger Prynne
21-05-2015, 23:50
Red means overheating not wear, and when they go back to green/blue they have cooled down.

Check the telemetry screen for more accurate temps on tires and brakes.

When you go into the pits and the pit strategy box comes up you can select what tires, fuel and pressure you want changed and repair any damage if needed.

Agent 21
22-05-2015, 01:51
Thanks, red = overheat makes sense now.

And I knew you could change that stuff when you go into the pits, but what I was saying was you only have the option to change tires or not, it counts for all 4, you can't do just two. Doesn't really matter currently (especially if the red is overheat and not damage) because it's all road courses, but it definitely matters once the oval track racing comes out. And how do you know when to pit "on schedule"? When I've thought I've damaged my tires I've clicked right stick to call for a pit and the box pops up saying unscheduled pit. What classifies a "scheduled" pit then? Will the engineer come on and tell you to come pit for fuel/tires, or does he only tell you to come in when you've taken damage? How do I know how to stay on schedule with the AI's routine pits?