View Full Version : PC Settings (Exiting Game to Apply)

22-05-2015, 00:09
Will there be an update in the future that will allow you to apply new settings without having to exit the entire game first? Seems like something that should have been there from the start. A bit of a hassle this way.

22-05-2015, 00:31
Normally only have to do this for hardware settings, like graphical settings. It's the normal procedure. As if you select higher or lower quality visuals the game needs to load different files to those it has already.

22-05-2015, 00:46
some games allow you to change those settings without exiting.

22-05-2015, 03:54
Most games don't, but the really good ones do. This should be one of the really good ones.

At the very least controller settings and FFB settings should be available on track. I don't really care about video settings to a huge degree (although the games that can do a vid_restart without exiting the application make it seem like this should be trivial).

Bonus points for anyone who knows where "vid_restart" comes from.

22-05-2015, 14:19
It takes all of ~30 seconds for the game to restart... shouldn't be that big of a deal. ;)

22-05-2015, 14:28
I think it's inherent to the used engine so... rather not. But the secret is some of the settings will work even when not restarting:) But don't blame me when your PC will blow up.

22-05-2015, 14:40
It's only graphics settings that need an exit on my PC. All controller and FFB is on the fly.