View Full Version : some hours in... some bugs i found (Xbox one)

22-05-2015, 06:02
hey guys, i dont know if these bugs are already known but i still wanted to say them. i played my first few hours yesterday, and found some bugs that are pretty irritating:

-once per so much minutes while racing i heard audio clipping, verry strange and anoying.

-on atleast the dubai kart circuit i had a very irritating bug, wich i hope isnt present at other tracks: if you come on the curbs or maybe a little behind that, you will be suddenly slower, while if you come of it again, you seem to get a speed boost, it felt realy strange atleast.

- i had screen tear if ound it really anoying and frustrating to see. i have an 24 inch full hd monitor, nothing wrong with other games, but with pcars, much screen tear. i have the visual fx all on tough.

-during replay i saw that my car sometimes seem to flicker off and on. while the other cars didnt have it. and i saw also pop up of trees during replay. dont know if it is meant to be like that.

i hope that you can do something with this, if i find more bugs i will tell them here.

BTW, can you guys pls do something about the mandatory buttons, and all the buttons on my f1 rim i cant use?