View Full Version : Bug Report | Super kart quick replay smoke

22-05-2015, 07:26
I couldn't find a reference to this being reported elsewhere so new threaded it.

I was doing a relatively early career race in the 250cc super karts at Dubai last night. When I viewed the short term replay (i.e. if you press START/OPTION and select VIEW REPLAY from the pause screen - not the replay option at the end of a race) as the kart went along the main straight it was almost constantly emitting smoke from it's tyres the whole way down (despite just driving flat out in a straight trajectory) - although it did not do this during the actual driving of the kart. It was also doing this for AI karts on the same straight. Oddly enough I was more aggressive in the corners and there was no smoke emitted during those sections whatsoever - it just seemed to be doing it along the main start/finish straight.

23-05-2015, 14:25
I've just seen exactly the same on career mode on an invitational. Same kart and same circuit. But with the replay option at the end of the race. The kart was skidding all the corners and braking zones and I was overheating my tires on all the sessions of that race. Maybe the overheating cause this smoke?