View Full Version : Filters for Time Trials - PLEASE!

22-05-2015, 12:48
Can anyone comment if this is planned?

I use a dualshock controller, simply because I have no easy way to install a wheel and I'm still undecided about currently available options.

Running solid 1:33s and the odd 1:32 around Zolder in the Atom without assists, I figured I would try with ABS and TCS enabled...


Now I feel like I'm a dirty cheating whore.

22-05-2015, 14:11
Times filtered by cars should have been there since day 1. It is totally upsetting, a faster car time delete all your previous times with slower cars of the same category. Even C.A.R.S. had, and in "Drive Club" it works just fine and make that game replayable close to infinite in TT. Just saying, how could be like this? PeCo users say they have this feature, we on consoles are just supposed to be stupid or what? There is no other answer than this one, I'm very sorry about that.

22-05-2015, 14:23
im on the ps4, been playing a week, game still not recording my clean lap time in trials or community events. please fix