View Full Version : Another unseen from anyone BUG - Unreal wheel rotation during replays

22-05-2015, 13:04
I say first, I like this game, I spent 1000 euros to play it (ps4, t300, pedals, shifter, and game itself ecc.).
So I will be pleased if during replays (they are beautiful) the wheel does not turn 2000 in no time, wheel ratio is not like that in racing cars, is very small and sensitive. During Kart replays this bug is hilarious and I can not save them show to friends as I usually do. Thanks for reporting this to the staff. I don't know how to put in "known issues collective thread" as no replay bugs are reported there (!?!). Cheers.

22-05-2015, 19:21
Can you make a video, so we can see what's going on?

Also a less aggressive tone would be nice next time :lemo:

Ian Bell
22-05-2015, 19:23
I spotted it instantly.