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22-05-2015, 17:16
Any chance of getting one? A place to post tips and comments for specific cars/tracks and calender events. I've found that the various cars in Pcars are much more unique than in other racers and the tracks are also much more sensitive to different suspensions settings. Just throwing similar numbers at the cars setup no matter what you're driving just won't net the same kind of results you see in other games and I've found certain things to be very helpfull for specific cars. Posting them in general discussion though just seems like a waste of time and productive discussion of said topics would quickly get buried by other (less productive :) ) threads.

Edit: I do see that there is one outside the xbone specific group. I assumed that area to be more for PC users and can use it instead if need be. With game pad and some console specific handling characteristics a console specific one would be nice still.

22-05-2015, 17:29
Yes... we need this.

I am working on "golden tunes" for the community events and would like a place to put them for those that are interested.

22-05-2015, 19:37
I would bet $5 the mods have this in the queue. They are still considering how to structure this forum with sub-forums. It can get messy if implemented poorly on the first go.