View Full Version : Lotus 98T. Max wastegate. Give it a run!

22-05-2015, 19:29
I've done enough complaining about various things and thought I'd post something positive to balance it out.

This car, man. It's a rocket ship. If you've ever tried to break 1100 wild stallions all at one time, then you know what it's like to drive this car. This thing is mean and it's in no mood for your crap. That stupid little light on the dash...seems innocuous enough until you come to realize it means "SHIFT NOW OR PREPARE TO DIE". I thought maybe I should max out the aero. So naive. As if two stupid wings are going to pin this monster down.

Anyways, I love classic grand prix cars and wanted to thank the devs for putting this one in the game. It's thrilling. The fact that Ayrton could make this car dance through corners gives you a whole new appreciation for his abilities.

22-05-2015, 19:35
One of my favorites too;)