View Full Version : Hall of fame and Fully Loaded Achievements have not unlocked

central perk
22-05-2015, 20:00
Hall of fame and Fully Loaded have not unlocked for me, any one else had this problem. I should have had them on the 19th, waited a couple of days to see if it was a case of they will pop whenever they want to. I have also checked the achievement app and they are still locked.

For the Hall of fame achievement I have completed Zero to hero, Defending champ, Triple crown and signed all endorsement deals

For the Fully loaded achievement I have got the required 16 gold accolades and all the 8 endorsements have been signed. have not unlocked for me, any one else had this problem.

ATM im redoing defending champ to have them all highlighted at the same time to see if that makes a difference (doubtful more hopeful) , if that doesnt work will do all invitations, i have about 20 left.

I also had a few problems with a couple of other achievements , , the photo one took about 12 goes , set 3 laps within 0.1 second took 4 attempts even tho i did exactly the same thing everytime

central perk
24-05-2015, 09:31

redone defending champ, as i suspected nothing, 1 more gold accolade left to do then if that doesnt make it pop, trading it in sick of wasting time on a buggy game, irratic controls that for no reason turn you the wrong way randomly, plus sound problems and the occasional graphic blurring, this game is good but had the potential to be great, roll on Forza 6