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22-05-2015, 20:34
I'm impressed by the whole game, and particularly with how meticulously various aspects of the game's configuration have been handled.

An exception, however, is the screen where you configure things such as 'steering deadzone', 'steering sensitivity', 'throttle deadzone.../sensitivity', etc. etc. None of those settings have a description of what the setting does.

I'm a little surprised, since (to me at least), it would seem these are probably the most critical settings in the game (they involve how you directly interface with the driving system). The lack of them leads to a lot of ambiguity and unnecessary confusion, I think. I keep seeing recommendations about joypad configuration that diametrically oppose each other. One person recommends a 0 setting on throttle sensitivity, while another recommends 50.

The problem isn't that these disparities exist, but that there is no way for an observer to gauge what they mean, because there is no indication about what the settings mean in the first place. 'Sensitivity' can mean many different things to different people.

Really hope this post makes sense, as I think it's a real issue, and hope to see definitive descriptions of these settings in-game soon.

EDIT: It would also be great to be able to modify these settings and immediately test them out. I know there are load obstructions to doing it immediately when in a campaign or somethings, but maybe a mode or workflow purely for testing controls that takes you from the screen above directly into a session. That would be super useful.

22-05-2015, 21:19

Try here first. There's a lot of help around ;)

22-05-2015, 21:28
I know about that thread. That's not what my post is about, though. It's about getting the people who make the game to include descriptions about the settings into the game.

For example:

Seem to be going good with these settings!

Controller Preset Mode 2 (make sure you change 1st)
Steering Deadzone 20
Steering Sensitivity 0
Throttle Deadzone 0
Throttle Sensitivity 30
Brake Deadzone 0
Brake Sensitivity 60
Clutch Deadzone 0
Clutch Sensitivity 0
Speed Sensitivity 65
Controller Filtering Sensitivity 40
Force Feedback 80
RPM/Gear Display Yes

Controller Preset Mode 2 (make sure you change 1st)
Apply Soft Steering - On
Apply Visual Filtering - Off
Apply Opposite Lock Help - Off

That's just one interpretation of the game's input systems, done by, apparently, 'TOPNOTCHED'. It doesn't tell anyone about what each of those settings mean, it only provides some numbers that apparently are the 'good ones' (probably the good ones for TOPNOTCHED).

Why can't these descriptions be in the game itself?

22-05-2015, 21:32
I totally agree siriusbee. Like what the hell does "Speed Sensitivity" do?

And "Controller Filtering Sensitivity" for that matter...

22-05-2015, 21:35
Also visual wheel filtering in advance, what does this mean? There should be a note section for each section so people know what and why they are adjusting.

22-05-2015, 21:36
I completely agree with the OP. I was just thinking the same thing earlier when I was playing around with those settings. I hate having to search the net for something that should be on screen.

22-05-2015, 21:37
I tried looking in the digital manual, and I tried seeing if there was a fan made wiki someplace... no dice. I still don't know what half of the settings are supposed to do.

Ian Bell
22-05-2015, 21:38
You'll get a lot of solid advice here guys if it's asked for in a concise way.

22-05-2015, 21:40
And "Controller Filtering Sensitivity" for that matter...

After a little experimentation last night with Controller Filtering Sensitivity, I've found…

• Low values seem to increase steering "directness" and the responsiveness near the center/deadzone
• High values almost disconnect the on-screen steering wheel from the front wheels

These experiments were all made using Input Mode 3 and with the same deadzone and sensitivity values. At high Filtering Sensitivity values — this is very difficult to describe — the controller still moves the on-screen steering wheel 1:1, but the actual steering effect is delayed or reduced when movements are made near the center. This dramatically increases the further away from center the steering is pushed. It really creates an undesirable effect when using values higher than about 75. It seems to create these "steps" of sensitivity as you gradually steer across the range.

TL;DR version: Controller Filtering Sensitivity seems to be a sort of blend of traditional deadzone and sensitivity adjustment.

I will experiment further using a consistent value for Filtering, and changing values of steering sensitivity and speed sensitivity.

My biggest frustration so far with the controls is the continued existence of a minimum deadzone even after "0" is chosen in the menu.

Here, maybe this helps.

22-05-2015, 21:43
In my experience l would describe the Filtering as something that smoothens the steering, but at the same time delays it to a certain degree.

22-05-2015, 22:06
You'll get a lot of solid advice here guys if it's asked for in a concise way.

Can't we get a description for each individual setting? I believe that is what is being asked for.

I'd specifically like to know what Speed Sensitivity is.

22-05-2015, 22:44
Can't we get a description for each individual setting? I believe that is what is being asked for.

I'd specifically like to know what Speed Sensitivity is.

That was pretty much all I wanted to say.

22-05-2015, 23:23
You'll get a lot of solid advice here guys if it's asked for in a concise way.

Need proper guidance, and can't call out in Shyriiwook. :(

22-05-2015, 23:32
Need proper guidance, and can't call out in Shyriiwook. :(

Seriously, theres more than enough threads discussing the controller settings. Just do a bit of research.

Jake Hawke
23-05-2015, 09:05
That's not the point of the thread. :/

There ARE descriptions for the settings of wheels and car-tuning, so there should also be descriptions for controller-settings in the same area that's currently blank.

23-05-2015, 12:11
that's what I has pointed on in several game menus, like a "over tip" or even a description, PDF download or something from SMS/ WMD would be helpful, I asked this somewhere else too too, and only get pointers to settings of others, not that I am unthankful for others testing and playing around, but I think when I purchase a game, users should be able to understand the game by themselves, and a good example here although maybe for some not understandable:
brother is overseas deployed in a war/ crisis zone, they don't have internet for using in their "rooms" so he can't research it, keeps asking me if i found anything...BECAUSE he is offline! (and only online he can do, costs him a fortune over his phone or wifi system via scratch cards) so please understand that there are people who can't access everything or can't research, they want to enjoy the game too but expect to have form of in game description for many many options and settings across PCars.
hope this is somewhat understandable.

23-05-2015, 12:30
I agree some insight into those settings in the game itself and what they do would be very useful, 'set-ups' are a different thing and while yes there are tons of good ones on here they are all driven by personal choice, it's like changing something a certain way with no clue still of why or what you are changing. However if in the game told me what 'Clutch sensitivity' actually means & does for example I could make informed decisions on changing it. It would also be superb to have a test track where you can tweak these settings in real time without having to go in and out of time trial mode- but that's a biggie I guess to add in.

I'd wager a fair few less hardcore gamer shave ditched the game because they are bemused by what everything does and sadly on the PS4 the default settings are awful imo.

23-05-2015, 14:32
Seriously, theres more than enough threads discussing the controller settings. Just do a bit of research.

...SERIOUSLY...??? <--- for sure not the way to start an argument....

why is there the need to do research? don't understand your argument here, and the fact that this is the PCars forum, gives every customer who purchased this game the right to ask and also the right to have detailed explanations IMO. I do not agree with your argument to research basic game details, explanations, information and to understand the games settings. if that was the case, let's just leave out from now on all the games which come out without explanations and details and leave it up to customers and community to figure out...after all that might just add to the "FUN" and "RIDDLE" of finding out what is what in a game........NOT!

some users do have the opinion and think that every single person purchasing PCars or into Race Simulators are hardcore racers, care enthusiasts and know right from start what every detail is and that kiddies to seniors can research every bit on the internet and figure out the game....NOT!

as a game dev and publisher, it is your duty and job to make sure customers understand your game and is user friendly and intuitive to use, no matter your skill level and knowledge level of that genre!

26-05-2015, 15:35
I see no one has tried to be helpful at all here yet...

I don't want to be pointed at someone else's setup... I'd like to have descriptions of what each setting actually adjusts. I am not sure why there isn't a wiki with this information already.

Spirit X
26-05-2015, 18:05
Ok, I know one:

Speed Sensitivity controls how sensitive the steering is as you get faster. Set it high and when you're going fast the steering will be less sensitive. Very useful if you're on a controller. I find 60 just about perfect. Too high is bad though and will make it feel like the car is really understeering.

One of the annoying things is this:

-change setting
-back out
-go to free practice and load it up
-do some laps
-back out
-go to options
-and once more around we go


I think the real shame though is that the lack of explanations has caused two of my friends to abandon pCARS. It's awesome for racing nuts but it soooo inaccessible to non-experts that it's going to have real trouble drawing in a wider audience (i.e. gamers who aren't car experts). Obviously I'm generalising and there are exceptions (like me!) but never-the-less, it's definitely an issue.

Such a shame when a few lines of text on a few screens could really make a big difference.

26-05-2015, 18:13
Thanks for the explanation Spirit X! That makes sense. So, if I am using a wheel I probably want the speed sensitivity turned down to a lower setting it sounds like...

I agree with your last bit as well. I am an exception because I really love simulation racing games, but I have limited (very limited) car knowledge. A lot of the stuff in this game is gibberish to me. I just like to turn laps and compete. I'd love to learn how to be faster by tweaking some settings though... it'd be cool.

26-05-2015, 19:01
I've continually been on my soap box about the need for explanations on game configurations. I totally agree with siriusbee's comment and concern. Believe it or not, there are many consumers out here that would love to sign on to a simulator and without the excess drama of 50+ or - configurations be able to drive a cool car around a track for an hour or two. I am fortunate to have a really top end simulator with all the bells and whistles and really enjoy the graphics of Project Cars. But I am a business owner that has maybe 2 hours every other night to enjoy it. I find myself gravitating to other servers, iracing or sim racing due to the ease of play and setup. I would prefer Project Cars however it's just too damned time demanding to get a vehicle dialed in before I can drive it with any degree of satisfaction. Sure I pick up other users config specs, but that's not what this is about. What the hell do the specs mean and how long does one really want to spend most of their allocated time researching what a vehicle should be set to and adjusting it? Could it be that the very intellectual individuals that developed this amazing game have assumed that the ignorant consumers have a similar knowledge of what the adjustments of these configurations impact? Really, or is it the mystique and intrigue of not knowing? LOVE the game, just may not have the time or intellect to utilize it

27-05-2015, 14:04
Also visual wheel filtering in advance, what does this mean? There should be a note section for each section so people know what and why they are adjusting.
A brief note under each setting. Yes it would make the menu of options longer, but when its fixed properly you sholdnt be in there every single time you play. But a brief explanation with the option would be good. In the rare moments where there is an explanation it is in a short essay that covers too much for early users. Ie, (made up because i cant remember, but you know you have seen similar) - tf , tx, tl measures the input of the thrange sprocket at the doobrey pulley, with td overcoming tx and tl by forcing tp to change angle of the sproog. This is made worse when you see it has only a few of the options even getting a mention. So rather than working down and changing as you go, you instead have to keep rereading the text on the right then finding it on the options on the left, then back to the right and so on.

As it is now, i start, go to menu for ffb, check if it says 100 in one i know i dont like at 100, then do a 100, 50, 50, 100 block to get things in range. Then go to sop and set tye second and third to 30, i dont know why anymore. I did, i think it was someone elses selection suggestion, whether it conflicts with other settings i dont know, but its just become the norm.

In life, i am a biker. I have ragged bikes round the isle of man flat out during the tt. I have tweaked rebound and damping, adjusted front and rear suspension until the bike fitted me perfectly. But in project cars, where i would love to get it set up right, i have absolutely no frigging idea from the menus in the game what is happening. Nor do i want to go off researching others settings beyond what i have already done to find that the thrange sprocket setting is ideal when set at 23, when often there is no description of why 23 is good or what changing it will actually affect.