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22-05-2015, 21:34
I'm using a the black Logitech MOMO FF that I had for years, mostly on GTR2, never tried any other wheel, I'm more of a casual Racer, don't have much time but this game is really fun to drive. Is there a better middle of the pack wheel out there that justifies getting a new one to replace the MOMO? Also the MOMO feels very stiff, I'm using Jack's files which are great. Thanks.

22-05-2015, 22:07

22-05-2015, 22:10
Under $200

22-05-2015, 22:15
Well I was going to recommend the DFGT however on Amazon.com the G27 is actually cheaper than the DFGT, I know both of these wheels are slightly above your budget (at $240 ish and $230 ish respectively) but they are both great wheels that easily justify the slightly higher price. I've had a DFGT for nearing five years and had no issues with it whatsoever! :) I dare say the G27 will be the same if not better :)

22-05-2015, 22:23
There's some used DFGT's on Ebay averaging $149.00 shipped, just don't know if I trust getting a used one. Thanks

22-05-2015, 22:27
If it is from a seller with a high reputation then I'd say go for it :) Just make sure you read the description and when you receive it make sure it is as advertised :)

23-05-2015, 01:08
Spend the money on the G27s if the price is close to each other....the pedals on the DFGT are HORRIBLE.

I've had my g27 for more than 5 years and it's seen more than it's share of use, mostly iracing daily.....still going strong.

23-05-2015, 01:46
I echo badkarma's sentiment. G27 makes DFGT look like a toy in every single way. So much more value to be had with the G27.

23-05-2015, 02:19
I am using a buddys DFGT because he upgraded to the G27. So like everyone else said, get a G27. If the price is close of course. I don't mind the DFGT but I am also upgrading because it's just not enough for me. No clutch or 6 speed shifter. I want options. Hahaha

Just looked on Amazon and amazingly the G27 is actually cheaper then the DFGT.

23-05-2015, 10:31
The cheapest wheel you may try is the Logitech MOMO FFB wheel. I have it for 10 years and still works like a charm, no issues whatsoever, no dead zones, no decaying parts. I know its technology is considered obsolete, but for an entry level wheel it is perfect, and it is proved to be extremely durable. I'm only replacing it because I want to raise my simracing experience to a new level and go into serious online racing.

23-05-2015, 10:59
Looks like the G27 it is, momo has been good for many years too, just never had any other wheel to compare it too. Perhaps I can get a few bucks for it, thanks guys.

23-05-2015, 11:01
For that prize I can recommend a used G27, I got mine for 150 , you won't get anything better for that prize. If you don't want to buy anything used, the Logitech DFGT will just do fine ;)

23-05-2015, 12:24
Looks like the G27 it is, momo has been good for many years too, just never had any other wheel to compare it too. Perhaps I can get a few bucks for it, thanks guys.

The G27 will do you fine :) Enjoy playing Project CARS with it!

23-05-2015, 14:08
For just a bit more, you can get the Fanatec CSR bundle for $249, wheel/pedals. Way superior to the G27.