View Full Version : th8a shifter doesn't work! help!

22-05-2015, 21:35
any help would be appreciated just got my th8a shifter in the mail hooked it up, plugged it in reset everything firmwares up todate but doesn't seem to work with project cars,in any car

23-05-2015, 04:03
You have to have it hooked up to the wheel base not the cable that has the usb that is only for pc. Also only certain cars have a manual shifter so go in a car like the bmw m1 pro car to test it. Also you should be able to tell in the edit assignments tab if it's there each of the shifter selections should be mapped to each gear. I don't remember if I had to Map these on xbox1 or not.

23-05-2015, 06:34
My TH8A shifter works perfekt! Did you plug it in the wheel or XB1..?