View Full Version : Would you be so kind as to further refine the laser beams [please]

22-05-2015, 22:33
https://vid.me/OQSC https://vid.me/9NMB Pew Pew Pew ;)

Would you be so kind as add a slider, to allow the user to adjust the level of "fade" that the lens flare has, or allow us to reduce its effects even further, super minimal (colour cast only) :)

Currently, even on its minimal setting, the effect behaves light a light switch (on/off) and while i personally really like the red hue colour cast that comes from the effect (it's rather fetching) and would like to keep it, the overall "effect" can be a bit jarring at times.

So in short.
The current on/off effect of the lens flare is little jarring... Could we adjust it further, even add a setting called hue only, Which will fade in the red colour cast owhen the sun is on screen... Or allow the effect to fade in and out rather than just switching on and off an overlay ;)

07-06-2015, 09:22
Looking at this objectively.
If a "fade" option is not possible, how about adding user adjustment of the transparency of the on screen effect, or increasing the transparency of the overlay "effect" by apx 50% (so the effect is more transparent) and therefore more realistic.

At the moment the effect is to prominent, distracting and unrealistic, I'd like to see these refind or at least adjustable ;)