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23-05-2015, 00:23
Thanks to this weekend's Monaco F1GP, I went to throw in some laps in the Community Event. After lots of trials and messing a bit with "basic" car setup, managed to get myself a 1.18.2xx time, around 40th position at the time. Looking at the leaderboard, top times were 1.10.xxx and I asked myself "WHAT???" I mean, the track record from M. Schumacher is 1.14...

So, went to Time Trial, where similar times were posted and decided to follow a ghost to see where is the catch...

1. Saint Devote: care is needed here. Even if you drive with the car fully "outside" the yellow pit line, you get an Out Of Track. Gotta be really on the left side here...
2. Massenet: (up to here I managed to stay with the ghost) just drive on the guard-rail, and you can practically go here at almost full speed, just reduce before the Casino.
3. Nouvelle Chicane: here one of the biggest problems: just drive the car with the wheels INSIDE the chicane, and is still a valid lap!
4. Tabac: another curve you can simply use the rail and let the car slide on it. Don't crash too hard, or you get a collision penalty...
5. Pool: another "joke" chicane, you can do that in 4th gear full throttle and use the wall on the right to "hold" your car on track.

This track allow you to shave so much time by "cheating". Others too, but Monaco (Azure GP) is extreme, thanks to walls and indestructible cars!

My opinion for improvement:
- review and improve the track limits. Cars and driving physics are really nice, but the tracks deserve attention too...
- create different community events depending on: assists on/off, damage on/off, wheel x controller etc, so you can measure yourself against similar parameters.
- fixed car setup: for the fun of measuring pure driving skills, would be cool to have events with locked car setup, so every racer gets the same car.

Keep Racing!

23-05-2015, 17:44
hi, same story here ... I'm sort of disappointed to see this kind of cheating in "simulator", what needs most attention are track limits ... fixed car setup events is not good idea, for example Formula A in default setup is undriveable in Monaco, with custom setup I can do 1:15.5xx and safe race tempo is around 1:17 - 1:18

23-05-2015, 19:46
I mean by "fixed car setup", that everyone gets the same car setup. The setup must fit the track of course!