View Full Version : Like almost everything about Project Cars (PS4)

23-05-2015, 00:27
Another praise thread!:cool: You guys hit it out of the park with this game I just love it. I like the web page look all the art work the interface its all just right. I'm sure there will be tweaking here and there no game is ever finished till the maker quits.

Still in karts in career mode and played a couple multi player games this afternoon and it was basically flawless. Keep up the good work and you guys if you already aren't will become rich. I know if anyone who likes a good racer wants a great game this is it for now and into the near future.

I'm also glad there are a few hat0rz hanging around too. I like hat0rz and how they can be put in their place real fast when they spout off they drivel!;)