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23-05-2015, 05:20
Hi all,

My brother and I are in the process of completing 250 laps of Le Mans in a GT Multi Class race and boy what a ball we're having! We're only 77 laps in and we're still battling against 6 Mercedes SLS GT3s for the lead tooth and nail in our Aston GT3 :D A few of the corners have caught out some of the AI and there's only 48runners left out of the 56 car field and with the sunset now truly upon us, boy is it tricky to see afew of the apexs!

Anyway, interestingly enough we've picked up on a slight issue regarding the AIs strategy where they just seem to stick to the default strategy - roughly 60L and soft tyres. We only picked up on it at around 60 laps in because all of a sudden we were an entire pitstop ahead which was surprising considering our Aston is struggling to consistently beat the lap times set by the SLS rocketships. The splits constantly ebb and flow but all of a sudden we found ourselves with a 50+ second lead over 2nd in our class after we had just completed the lead.

To try and figure out what was happening, we kept note of how often all the lead GT3s were pitting and can confirm they were pitting after around 9-10 laps which based on our Astons consumption of 6.89L per lap, they must've only been filling up roughly 60L (as per default strategy) whereas we were able to fill up 106L meaning we currently have a range advantage. In a race as long as our, this has significant implications however as a workaround for this race, we have also reverted to the default strategy and are only filling 60L also.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Other than this small issue, boy this is turning out to be a cracker of a race! Apart froma couple of small bugs here and there, on the whole this is the best racing game out there, particularly for endurance racing enthusiasts!

23-05-2015, 08:22
It may be that other cars have higher fuel consumption. On another note: Im curious: With what difficulty setting are you playing?

23-05-2015, 08:37
Following this with interest, was going to attempt a long race in GT3 later around 1hr half so it forced everyone to stop. Just to see what the AI do