View Full Version : Bathurst Track question: Turn 12 (The eases)

23-05-2015, 08:53
Is it just me or is Turn 12 exit (The eases) appear a bit strange with that huge tyre wall there. I checked a few videos for latest configuration and the tyre wall in isn't there.

An onboard of the 2015 12hr winning GTR

And an onboard from the game

It just seems a bit odd to me, anyone else? Or is the tyre barrier there for another reason?


Just for the record I love the game....

23-05-2015, 09:18
yeh I noticed it, when I slid into it and it stopped me dead in my tracks with a lost wheel, funny I hadn't noticed it before that lol

23-05-2015, 09:44
No Super Cheap Auto and Falken, looks weird ... Is possible mod the track?

23-05-2015, 09:48
The exit of the corner is really tight, and then you need to drive around the end of the tyre wall, seems a bit odd.

23-05-2015, 10:12
There's nothing easy about the esses... :stung:

25-06-2015, 11:55
We are risk takers, but haha thats gold! I dont think a obtrusive barrier like that would last at maggots for very long.