View Full Version : Warming Tyres - Does Zig-Zag, Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration work?

23-05-2015, 10:10
Warming Tyres - Does Zig-Zag, Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration work?

Coming out into qualifying i often try and get the tyres up to temp by doing the above but i can't really work out if its making a difference over just trying to do two warm up laps.
In the HUD i can see i am getting the brakes up to temp but it doesn't really seem to make a difference to how quickly i get heat into the tyres.

Is it quicker to just do some standard laps over going slower and trying to force the heat in like you see them doing on tv in most race series?

23-05-2015, 11:28
not really, the length of a lap it wont help as you will not reach racing temp and prob just before race starts run slow waiting for a countdown, any heat you get goes so fast you wont keep it.

best just to run a little more carefully on lap 1

Spirit X
23-05-2015, 11:32
Have a look at your telemetry and judge for yourself while you're doing it.. It may not do that much for the tyres but a few hard braking tests definitely brings the brakes up to temp quicker.

23-05-2015, 14:56

The zigzagging is in most cases not the best way to get temperature in the tyres. It's mainly used to limit the damage when they are forced to be slow.

This is why it is often seen before races, grid placing lap, of launching lap for rolling starts and behind the safety car.

It's extremely rare to see a driver do this when going out for free practice or qualifying.

Pierre-Yves (PS4, PSN ID; desopit)

23-05-2015, 15:43
I thought the zig-zap was more to "clean" the tires more than heat them (though the latter will happen to a degree).

23-05-2015, 15:59
In theory weaving should work as you are putting more load through the surface of the tyre, however it is much more effective at higher speeds as the downforce created obviously increases the load on the tyre making the weave more effective at putting load into the tyre and creating heat, no idea if it works in game though.

Braking and hard acceleration should certainly help as they generate bigger loads in the tyres as well.

23-05-2015, 17:07
zig zagging is to clean the tires not put heat in them (very much)

Ian Bell
23-05-2015, 17:09
This is how our heat simulation works guys:


The heat transfer simulation handles heat flow between brakes, wheel well, rim, carcass, and tread layers. The heat transfer amongst tread elements, from tread elements to the road surface, and from the tread elements to the air are handled directly by the tread simulation (including advection and evaporation). The pressure of the tire is maintained by the carcass simulation via the ideal gas law.

Emergent Effects

Most effects just “fall out” of STM without explicit coding for effect:
Fy, Fx, and Mz vs slip angle curves, complete with realistic nuances, such as Mz inversion
Inclination effects such as camber thrust
Complex and sometimes subtle changes in behavior due to load, heat, pressure, and speed.
Proper behavior at a standstill and very slow speeds, although due to limitations of consumer force feedback devices, oscillations may still occur. Many tire models break down at a standstill.
Changes in behavior due to surface differences, such as surface roughness, track rubbering in, wetness, and dirt.

23-05-2015, 18:05
It does if the track allows for it. When you zig zag, make sure you go as much over the slip angle as possible. Make the sidewalls deform real bad, for real long. Take advantage of sweeping corners too, not only straights. Get through them with crazy understeer while keeping the throttle half pushed. That will help with the fronts, brakes and rear tyres are very easy to warm up.