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Starting off small and working our way up, GTPLR starts its first series with the Ginetta Cup.
Using the Ginetta G55 GT4, you will have to select a livery in game and let us know below which you chose and the number. Using the circuits we have knowledge of so far with races every other Saturday.
We will be aiming to race around 21:00 UK time with Q starting the hour before, drop in and set your time when you can. To avoid the usual hanging about and sending 300 PMs races will start bang on 21:00.

The series will be starting the first week in June to give everyone enough time to get used to the game/car and circuits. All driving aids will be as you need them as this is a new game and we don't know our limitations or how the game works fully yet. In future series restrictions will come in to see how close we can get to real racing.

We are proposing this should be 2 races over 10 laps fastest first. Below is a track list and dates, see how we go.
We should be able to run a 10 race series, all points will be posted on here and on our forum at www.gtplr.co.uk Points outline after the track list.

We are looking for clean drivers ready to invest some time and commitment, we recognise honest mistakes and expect a place gained in error to be returned, however consistent dirty drivers will have their points reduced, and eventually kicked, hopefully with pCars running it's own penalty and flag system the game should deal with it before we have to.
Flags and penalties will be set.

6/6/15 Donington Park
20/6/15 Oulton Park
4/7/15 Brands Hatch GP
18/7/15 Monza
1/8/15 Azure Circuit (Monaco)
15/8/15 Cadwell Park
29/8/15 Bathurst
12/9/15 Laguna Seca
26/9/15 Snetterton
10/10/15 Spa Frankenstein

Most of these tracks we already know with a few extras thrown in, as we continue to learn the circuits more will be added to future series.

Points are awarded as follows:
1st place - 25 points
2nd place - 18 points
3rd place - 15 points
4th place - 12 points
5th place - 10 points
6th place - 8 points
7th place - 6 points
8th place - 4 points
9th place - 2 points
10th place - 1 points

The grid will be filled with AI so a race win should be harder, up to 16 on a grid so should keep it interesting.

Each race night will consist of 30 mins warm up, 15 mins qualifying then the race. Will set the weather to the correct date so what ever the forecast is we should be racing in. Room will be open at 20:30 the qualifying should start at 21:00.

Feel free to PM NT1138 or myself with any suggestions / questions. As I say this is a draft as we don't know 100% how the game will run or what restrictions we have. Tyre wear and turning off TC and driving lines will come further down the line when we know what we are dealing with.

All race replays will be posted on YouTube using the PS4s share function so you can relive your great racing or dirty driving as many time as you like.

Add your #PSN below if you are interested.

Thank you an see you on the track

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those already signed up ..

PSN NT1138 - Optimalin #38
PSN Clippy-GTPLR - Previdi Racing #37
PSN JKT008 -
PSN Jonjo_IC -
PSN Gazelle68 -
PSN tbwhhs -

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