View Full Version : Why does cutting corners invalidate the NEXT lap?

23-05-2015, 11:48
I have had 2 races now where i have been qualifying on a track i have never driven on...

There were difficult corners on each where i got my braking completey wrong and cut the corner.

But instead of getting the CURRENT lap invalidated, it says that the NEXT lap is too.. Whats the logic here? Why affect 2 laps for a simple/honest mistake. How did cutting the corner give me any benifit on the NEXT lap?

In both cases i never managed to qualify as imhad to waste time doing an extra untimed lap and then i kept making mistakes.

I am all for being penalised if you make a mistake, but just cant see the logic of affecting 2 laps!

Most agree the the penalties are too harsh.. And this is leading to races where most people havnt even qualified.. But this particular penalty is ridiculous.


23-05-2015, 11:51
The invalidation of the next lap happens when you go off track near the finish line (it could be last corner, or last chicane also) so it could have influence on your next lap time.

23-05-2015, 11:55
The invalidation of the next lap happens when you go off track near the finish line (it could be last corner, or last chicane also) so it could have influence on your next lap time.

Makes sense.. And whilst both cases are near the end of the lap, there is no way that it would benifit your next lap as there are still sereral corners to go.

But now i think about it, i guess both corners in question COULD be used to gain an advantage on the next lap, and it would be impossible for the game to know whether ypu made a mistake, or whether you cheated.

My biggest wish for PC is that they address then penalty system as in its current form is horrible. Surely, all they need to do is detect whether you actually gained time.. And since your entire lap is timed against the last in real,time, this should be easy (in theory) to do.

23-05-2015, 11:58
You mean lap invalidation system? IMO it fits. I'd like to see pit visit, stop&go and time penalties instead of "go slow" though.

23-05-2015, 11:58
On some tracks the "Next Lap will be invalid"-Area is too big, best example is Bathrust. But basically it is right that the next lap needs to be invalid if someone runs off track in the last corner. Ofc an advantage can be gained for the next lap by running off track in the last corner before, an advantage that would force all drivers to do the same nonsense for a top time, therefor it is correct to invalided it.

23-05-2015, 12:01
In theory it is supposed to combat those getting an unfair advantage by cutting the track in readiness for the next lap. The reality is, in my view, it is poorly implemented and is a more a simplistic blanket penalty for those leaving the track, even slightly and often way before the final corner (I've had them in sectors 1 & 2 before!) It also does not account for if you are actually losing time by going off track (as in most cases, few cars respond positively to going off track) The actual corner cutting penalty could do with tweaking so it that it applies to each and every corner in the game properly (see Monza as an example where it is non-existent) and then perhaps the 'invalidated lap' penalties could be tweaked or done away with altogether- they are not true to life and in most cases frustrate those of us who don't know every track like the back of our hand or indeed the car so repeatedly having to restart or not qualify would not be such an issue.

With a proper corner cutting penalty (5 second slow down) that worked consistently no one would be abusing the track limits and getting cheat times on the leaderboard. If Driveclub can manage it I'm sure Project Cars can.

23-05-2015, 12:18
there are tracks where u cut corners without any penalties, there are tracks where "1" tire is enough in grass to invalidate your lap, there are tracks where you can go dancing with the AI off track and nothing happens, AI crashes or pushes you u get invalidated lap and/ or disqualified for whatever reason, there are tracks where you can turn around and drive back with no effects at all. --- IMO, has not been tested properly and is not detailed out yet/ and/ or not working as It should. (although better system than MOST games!!!)

23-05-2015, 14:13
On some tracks the "Next Lap will be invalid"-Area is too big, best example is Bathrust.

Agreed. You gain no advantage at bathurst by going off into or out of the chase but it's a next lap invalidation. It needs to be changed.

23-05-2015, 19:25
I had several "Next laps" invalidated at LeMans today due to going off track during the Porsche curves which are pretty far from the finish line.

23-05-2015, 19:37
I think in general it is correct to invalidate the next lap if you go off track somewhere near the finish line. But on some tracks, the area that is defined as "near the finish line" seems to big for me to make sense. I think the devs just went with the fastest way to implement this system and didn't spend enough time on testing and optimizing to really finish it. It's there and it works quite well in most situations. Maybe it will be improved in the future but I'd also understand if it stays the way it is..