View Full Version : Any fanatec gt3rs v2 users ?

23-05-2015, 13:48
Thought I would start a thread on this particular wheel so others could share any issues they mIght be having.
I've made many adjustment both in game and on the Wheel and whilst I'm getting close to the feel I'm happy with, Im still getting delay issues and just can't seem to get the dead zone reduced to an acceptable amount. I've done a firmware update and the wheel is still showing as the 911 turbo and no in game calibration options either. I understand that SMS are working on a patch but in the meantime if any other users of this particular wheel can contribute to the thread then all the better.

Thanks, Steve.

23-05-2015, 13:58
Support for the GT3 on PS4 will be improved in on eof the next patches.